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Employment Opportunities

Think you have what it takes to become a member of the AAA?

We are looking for a few good citizens to help us find and identify various forms of alien life. Many apply, few are accepted.

Cafeteria Worker

Do you have a hunger for knowledge? A love of low-grade, high-flavor food? Then you may be the perfect candidate for the AAA cafeteria, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night-snacks when we burn the midnight oil on a hot ALIEN case. This is the ideal job for someone looking for employment satisfaction, and all the Tater Tots they can eat.

Accounting Office Manager

Do you pay your bills on time? Do you like to pay your bills on time? Then why not help us pay ours, too? We may be a small agency, but we take excellent care of our employees. That is why the Accounting Office manager is a vital cog in the AAA machine. Our workers depend on us. And that means they depend on you. (Calculators not provided by the AAA.)