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Agent BUZZ

Buzz! Buzz! We capture it all, and we depend on all of our agents to report on other agents and incidents they see. Good and bad, we are watching you. And you are helping us do that.

Agent Mauvelous, 8:01 AM

Just saw fellow Agent Razzmatazz chasing an alien chicken down a dusty road. Brought a tear to my eye. We rock!

Agent Caribbean Green, 8:12 AM

My my my, some of us agents are getting sloppy. Spotted Agent Laser Lemon (more like agent “Lazy”) asleep in the front seat of her car in the Target parking lot. This is how we protect the earth against aliens?

Agent Laser Lemon, 8:22 AM

I was not sleeping. I was experimenting with closed-eye anti-alien technology.

Agent Atomic Tangerine, 8:31 AM

What a wonderful morning here in Atlanta. Good day to my fellow agents.

Agent Hot Magenta, 9:03 AM

How is Agent Umber still with then AAA? After the Fried Santa Incident? Poor Mrs. Levine! Her deli will never be the same.